2 litre YB, Omega pistons, Arrow Precision con rods, billet steel crankshaft, 10:1 CR, ported and gasflowed head, Piper cams, Kent Cams verniers, titanium valves, double Schmidt valve springs, four 650mm and four 1780cc injectors, MIS magnesium plenum chamber, four denso ignition coils from Toyota Corolla WRC, HKS T51R SPL ball-bearing turbo, HKS 60mm external wastegate, Mountune cambelt, custom alloy radiator and intercooler, Pace dry sump oil pump, three bosch fuel pumps, silicone hoses, side exit exhaust, MoTeC M800 ECU.

Performance: 1092bhp at 3.2bar, Rev limit: 10,700rpm, Quarter mile: 9.4 seconds at 157.8mph
Ford Escort YB Cosworth

1092bhp Escort Cosworth YB engine built for  for drag racing

This Escorts original YB engine was developed by JEMS to produce a staggering 1092bhp and can complete a drag strip ¼ mile in a little over 9 seconds. With an exhaust system that exits through the front wing this is a pure competition car which is run in Cyprus.

The car owner came to JEMS for the engines top-end. The ability to build high revving engines was required to deliver this much power from a YB engine. JEMS are currently developing the sister engine to this monster YB.

Escort Cocworth with JEMS built YB engine



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