This Mk2 Escort is being developed for the Irish Tarmac Rally scene. The shell is set perfectly level and welded to the Jig while front and rear suspesions are fitted.

Ford Escort shell being prepared to Irish Rally Specification

A car built for tarmac rallying car is completely different in its specification and set-up to a track car.

Escort custom design rear suspension

Designed and fabricated front cross member

The car will use WRC and group A spec components. The base car maybe 30 years old, but it will be 2008 specification.

JEMS designed front suspension is adjustable for perfect handling

Adjustable strut top can be fitted in the standard position or relocated for extra track.

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Ford Escort – Mk1 to Escort Cosworth

JEMS have desiged and built all types of Escort from fast road versions to championship winning race cars and tarmac specification rally cars. Cars can be built to best suit the championship regulations. A 30 years plus old Escort can have the very latest in design and technology built into it.

Use this link to read how JEMS developed a 1092bhp engine for an Escort Cosworth.

Craig Rainer's JEMS designed and built Ford Escort Peter Milinou Ford Saloon Car Championship

Ford Escort shell stripped and ready for conversion A “new” Escort shell being stripped down ready for conversion

JEMS have designed a wide track suspension system for the Mk2 Escort, click here for details.

Monster YB engine Monster YB Engine over 1000 bhp
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