Hill Climb Project
This Mk1 Fiesta is being built for Hillclimbing. As you can see from these pictures there is a lot of redesigning and engineering going into this car.

Hillclimb Fiesta

Custom designed rear suspension

Above and below: Custom designed and build rear suspension.

Custom fabricated rear suspension

Custom rear strut tunnel

Above and below: Non-standard suspension pick-up points and rear strut tunnel for optimum suspension performance.

New front suspension pick-up point

Fiesta Steering Mounting

Ford Fiesta
The car below is an example of one incorporating many of the JEMS areas of expertise. Design of suspension set-up including fabrication and build of parts.

Ford Fiesta driven in the Ford Saloon Car Championship

JEMS’ get involved in the complete preparation of cars, like above, or as in the examples below are often involved in certain areas of a cars development. JEMS built the engines for the cars below and have been involved in the set up of some.

Olly Allen's Ford Fiesta  Olly Allen, 2 x Ford Saloon Champion – Engine and Car Set-up

Rob Wells Ford Fiesta  Rob Wells, Ford Saloon Champion – Engine and Car Set-up

Olly Allen's Ford Fiesta  Clive Alexander, up and coming driver - Engine Build

Olly Allen's Ford Fiesta  FIA standard safety feature – seat not simply bolted to the floor
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