JEMS Case Studies

JEMS joined forces with Major Motorsport and Sith & Jones Engineering to build the best, new breed, wide track evo Mk2 Escort.
Individual experience gained from design, build, set-up and competition success was combined to provide the ultimate in Escort build and also associated products and services.

Together with JEMS the following services are offered:

Car Preparation:

  • Health check
  • Chassis analysis
  • Design and upgrade packages (complete suspension revision)
  • Full set up services
  • Test and race support
  • Reiger damper upgrades
  • Wide track upgrades

Engine Preparation:

  • One-off design engines
  • Engines developed for individual customers
  • Power and torque curves tailored for ultimate drive
  • Engine development programmes
  • Ford Escort engine packages

Major Motorsport

Major Motorsport are passionate about rallying, and have many years experience in the sport. Their multiple championship winning team is headed by former Ford works driver, Simon Mauger. They offer a comprehensive car build and preparation service with particular focus on reliability, attention to detail, and overall performance.

Smith & Jones Engineering

Smith & Jones Engineering specialise in the
manufacture of lightweight Cosworth YB Race Engines. All engines are made in-house from their special Motorsport castings.

The Ultimate Mk2 Evo Escort

Simon Mauger Mk2 Escort Rally Car

Winner on its debut outing

The car was showcased at the Autosport International Show in Birmingham in 2014 and received a huge amount of interest from fans and rally competitors, but how good would this one of a kind MK2 evolution be?

Simon Mauger of Major Motorsport took the car to Blyton for a quick shake down and everything seemed to be in order before its first event at the South Down Stages at Goodwood.
The weather conditions were just about the worst that any Escort driver could dread, with intermittent rain, hail and wind. Tyre choices would have been a lot easier with a crystal ball, and so really every stage in the morning was a gamble.

Frustratingly, the choice of tyres on the first stage did nothing to help with the lack of grip on a circuit dusted with green moss and puddles. Combined with the fact that Simon had never driven this car in the wet before, made for a few interesting moments, and lots of sideways action! The crew returned into the service area unscathed, although they were 22 seconds off the lead.

The team spent the majority of the day altering set up and trying out tyre combinations, and slowly worked their way up the leader board and were closing up the gap to event leader, Jonnie Ellis who dominated the earlier stages in his 4 wheel drive car.

When the rain stopped midway through the day Simon had worked his way up into second position, then into the lead with only the two night stages to go. However, that was where the fun began! In the rush to get the new car out on the stage in time, spot lights hadn’t been fitted, which meant going out to compete in the dark with nothing but the Escort headlights to guide them through the night! Lining up for the penultimate stage, the heavens opened once again!

Melanie (the co-driver) said “SS9 was by far the worst conditions I have ever rallied in! We couldn’t see much anyway, but the rain made it nearly impossible! The whole circuit looked like a lake, we couldn’t distinguish wet track from deep puddles, which made for an interesting 100mph aquaplaning moment!”

Amazingly, the crew put in another fast stage time to keep their lead, and played it safe on the very last stage, to bring the car home with a debut win!

Simon said “I was really pleased with how the day went, we were mainly here to set the car up really, so to win the event was an unexpected bonus. The service crew today have been fantastic, and I can’t thank John Edwards enough for his input in the car”

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