This engine is a brand new all alloy  Cosworth YB with a Smith and Jones block and head.

The block of this engine is the same as we used on the naturally aspirated (non-turbo) Ford Cosworth YB for the Sierra of Andy Williams.
The dyno testing was carried out using V Power unleaded only, and a Garret GTX 35/82, with .63 housing, turbo running 1.8 bar boost.

654bhp and 480ft pounds torque

Cosworth YB with Smith & Jones head and block

Cosworth YB engine with Smith and Jones head and block

The graph below shows the results from the engine dyno test. The top line shows bhp, which reached an incredible 654bhp. The next line down show torque.

What is special about this engine is the amount of time the torque line is flat – from 4000rpm to 8000rpm. The flat torque curve is when this engine has its most useable and predictable power, and maximum accelleration.

Cosworth Smith and Jones engine dyno graph

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