1, Turbo: GT42 turbo with a custom internal specification list of changes.

2, Coil on Plug: As used by touring cars, this allows more control and an equal amount of spark to each cylinder.

3, Inlet Plenum: MIS magnesium inlet plenum – modified heavily to efficiently pass 800bhp.

4, Fuel System: Installed to ensure constant and equal pressure across both fuel rails, effectively working like a twin system.

5, Exhaust Plate: Used to tune the manifold primary lengths on the engine dynamometer.

6, Throttle Body: BMW Formula 1 throttle body with five angle changes due to air speed over throttle angle.

7, Harmonic Damper: An essential for high-revving engines.

8, Dry Sump: Custom made twin-scavenge dry sump system another essential when engines rev above 8,500rpm.
Ford YB Engines from 200 – 1000+ bhp

Ford YB Engine

JEMS specialize in building YB engines to a specification that is right for you and your car. From the nearly stock, but ultra reliable version seen in Craig Rainers race Escort to 1000+bhp drag racing versions.

1010 bhp YB!
JEMS have been developing YB engines for many years and to many different specifications. Alongside these projects they have also been developing the ultimate YB in terms of outright power.

The engine below is the JEMS 'Big YB' that has achieved a staggering 1010 bhp on the dyno. This is the ultimate evolution of the YB and is the result of many years of development by Jon Edwards with the support of some selected specialists.

Graph showing power results from the dyno test

YB Engine on the dyno

Jon would like to thank:
• Will Jones of Smith & Jones engineerring for the ultimate new alloy heavey duty bloc.k
• Eddie Grifiths for head development work and cam design
• John Crabb at Piper Cams
• Peter Knight and Jamie at Knight Racing Services for the dyno testing
• Dave Rowe at EPS for mapping the engine.

Data recorded on the dyno test

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