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Jon Edwards is an engineer specialising in racing cars, rally cars and fast road cars. His skills include engine building, suspension design, cooling and fuel system design, fabrication and set up. Jon has undertakne everything from getting weight off a bare shell, building custom suspension and chassis components to taking the completed package to a circuit and set it up ready for competition.

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Metro 6R4 Rally Car Specialists

Metro 6R4s are a JEMS speciality.

Metro 6R4 Rally Car Specialists

Colin McRae’s Metro 6R4.

Mk2 Escort Rally Car Specialists

Working on set-up of Simon Maugers winning Escort.

Build Services

Engine builds for fast road use to race and drag specials.

Fast Road Cars

650bhp, 200mph+ Toyota Celica


Custom designed and made suspensions

Ford Fiestas

Complete car builds, engine builds, car setup

Race Engineering

The immaculate workshop at JEMS

YB Engines

YB engines built from 200 - 1000+ bhp

Mk2 Escort Builds

Wealden Racings championship winning Escort

Naturally aspirated YB

Very wide power band, with increased capacity and light weight

Jon Edwards of JEMS Race EngineeringJon’s career started as an apprentice at a Rover V8 conversion specialist learning all about steel fabrication and built himself a spaceframe V8 2CV!

Building an engine and the importance of good preparation “engine etiquette” was learnt with Goodman building Metro 6R4 engines.

Car handling and set up skills were learnt on the job racing in the Vecta Ford Championship for 11 years and working for TVR’s racing division building TVR race cars and their engines from scratch. Taking feedback from the drivers and translating it into race winning cars was part of the job and it is a skill Jon uses on JEMS customer’s cars.

Jon’s experience is vast, he has worked for UK Touring Car teams, Australian Touring Cars and has also worked on Drag Racing cars, European GT cars (with the focus on endurance as well as power) and Historic race and rally cars. Jon also worked for Knight Racing Services, the top V8 tuning company.

Simon Mauger’s Mk2 Escort Rally Car
Simon Mauger Mk2 Ford Escort Rally Car

This Mk2 Escort is a regular overall winner and giant killer, regularly beating WRC machinery. JEMS work with Mayor Motorsport in the development of what has arguably become the best Mk2 Escort in the country.

Winners of the Tyneside Rally, the first National Rally win in a Mk2 Escort in 20 years.

Also winners, for two years running, of the Carlow MK2 Escort Challenge and 2nd overall, 1st in class on the Jim Clark National Rally.

For 2013 JEMS have updgraded the cars suspension with great results, finishing 4th overall on the first round of the MSA Asphalt Championship Tour of Epynt. They were the first Mk2 Escort among a top ten that otherwise comprised of World Rally Cars, four minutes ahead of the next Escort.

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202 mph Toyots Celica202.17mph Celica!
JEMS in partnership with Fensport took the Toyota Celica to RAF Woodbridge and powered their way to an amazing top speed of 202.17mph.

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Some of Jon Edwards Projects…

The Ultimate Mk2 Escort Project

Cosworth YB Engine with Smith and Jones Head

JEMS joined forces with Major Motorsport and Sith & Jones Engineering to build the best, new breed, wide track evo Mk2 Escort.
Individual experience gained from design, build, set-up and competition success was combined to provide the ultimate in Escort build and also associated products and services.

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1010 bhp, the ultimate YB engine!

Cosworth YB Engine with Smith and Jones Head

JEMS have been developing their 'big YB' for many years and it has now achieved a stunning 1010 bhp on the dyno.

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Colin McRae's Metro 6R4 at JEMS Race EngineeringJEMS utilise their experience on
Metro 6R4s

Follow the link below for details of the work JEMS have performed on these fantasic rally machines.

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Cosworth YB Engine with Smith and Jones HeadCosworth YB with Smith and Jones Block & Head

BIG POWER… 654bhp and 480 pounds torque.

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JEMS workshop


Monster YB Engine project.
Escort Cocworth with JEMS built YB engineJEMS built the 1092bhp Ford YB engine in this Escort.

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Escort Wide Track System
Originally built for the Wealden Racing, Craig Rainer driven Escort, the system was divised to make the front and rear suspensions square and with the correct geometry. It meant completly redesigning the front end.

Reiger SuspensionJEMS produced the system as a kit for the Mk2 Escort. Using Reiger dampers the kits are custom produced to suit each car.

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Wide Track Suspension


JEMS 456bhp Duratec
feature in Classic Ford Magazine

See the full spec for this supercharged Ford Duratec build by JEMS.

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JEMS YB build features in Classic Ford Magazine
feature in Classic Ford Magazine

This engine produces an amazing 345bhp and 252ft.lbs of torque.

Read about how JEMS built a normally-aspirated YB in the February 2010 addition of Classic Ford magazine.

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