Ford Escort – Race and Rally Cars

​JEMS have designed and built all types of Escort from fast road versions to championship winning race cars and tarmac specification rally cars. Cars can be built to best suit the championship regulations. A 30 years plus old Escort can have the very latest in design and technology built into it.

Wealden Racing Escort

This car is raced by Craig Rainer ​it has enjoyed many race and class wins and ​championship ​wins.

All the design, fabrication, build and set-up was by JEMS. First studying the championship regulations JEMS built a one-off suspension, building it square and with the correct geometry. The front end had to be completely redesigned to be wider to change the front to rear ratio split. This involved moving the strut tops outwards and the manufacture of a new crossmember, TCAs, compression struts, anti-roll bar, drop link, steering arms etc.

The rear end axle linking is different too with the turrets moved inboard, roll-centre adjusters on the axle and a rear anti-roll bar. The suspension has a lot of adjustability, which makes a real difference on the track.

The engine is a JEMS built YB designed for torque, responsiveness and reliability.

Wealden Racing Ford Escort
Escort Rear Suspension Set-up

Ford Escort Mk2
Wide Track Suspension

The JEMS Wide Track Suspension system was originally developed for Wealden Racing’s Escort running in the Ford Saloon Car Championship. The system gives greater control of suspension set up and allows fine tuning to suit the track the car is running on.

If over-steer is a problem the rear track can be widened. On a tight track you may require sharper turn in, in which case you can widen the front. This is not possible if the track is different to start with.

JEMS use the Reiger Suspension shock absorbers for their Wide Track Suspension system. Reiger is an independent organisation with an international reputation for developing and producing shock absorbers, especially for use under extreme conditions in motor sport.

Ford Escort widetrack suspension kit
Widetrack Adjustable Suspension Top
Widetrack Adjustable Suspension Kit Parts
Widetrack Adjustable Suspension Steering box
Widetrack Adjustable Suspension Installation
Simon Mauger Escort Rally Car
Ultimate Mk2 Escort build project
Ford Escort mk2 Shell being built into a rally car.

Simon Mauger Mk2 Escort Rally Car

JEMS joined forces with Simon Mauger Major Motorsport and Smith & Jones Engineering to build the best, new breed, wide track evo Mk2 Escort.
Individual experience gained from design, build, set-up and competition success was combined to provide the ultimate in Escort build and also associated products and services.

Together with JEMS the following services are offered:

Car Preparation:

  • Health check
  • Chassis analysis
  • Design and upgrade packages (complete suspension revision)
  • Full set up services
  • Test and race support
  • Reiger damper upgrades
  • Wide track upgrades

Engine Preparation:

  • One-off design engines
  • Engines developed for individual customers
  • Power and torque curves tailored for ultimate drive
  • Engine development programmes
  • Ford Escort engine packages