YB Engine Specialists

​Ford YB Engines from 200 – 1000+ bhp

JEMS specialize in building YB engines to a specification that is right for you and your car. From the nearly stock, but ultra reliable version seen in Craig Rainer's race Escort to 1000+bhp drag racing versions.

1010 bhp YB!

JEMS have been developing YB engines for many years and to many different specifications. Alongside these projects they have also been developing the ultimate YB in terms of outright power.

The​ ​developed the JEMS 'Big YB' that ​achieved a staggering 1010 bhp on the dyno. This is the ultimate evolution of the YB and is the result of many years of development by Jon Edwards with the support of some selected specialists.

Taking the YB Engine to new levels –
345bhp naturally aspirated

​JEMS developed a naturally aspirated YB engine that utilises an alloy block 10mm taller on deck height and all engine parts are custom made including cams, valves, springs, followers, pistons and rods.

The very wide power delivery produced by this engine combined with its light weight make it a particularly good engine for rallying.

Naturally Aspirated YB Engine
YB Turbo Charged Engine