Dummy build of the JEMS drag bike project

Drag Bike Project

​​For JEMS founder Jon Edwards the desire to go drag bike racing has always burnt inside. ​Now you can follow Jon ​as he builds a Street Class bike on which to start this new exciting chapter in his career.


Build and Set-Up

The JEMS approach is to assess a car as a whole package. More horse power isn't necessarily the right way or the most cost effective way to gain extra seconds on the track.

‘I wish I new you first’ is a phrase often heard at JEMS. Understanding the clients requirements and the whole-package approach means a job is done properly and only needs doing once.

The three main areas of any competition car are:

  • Suspension
  • Water System
  • Fuel System

JEMS experience in design, build and engineering is used to turn a car into a winning package.

Working with Cars and Drivers

Once a car has been built it can only go as fast as the driver. Jon Edwards has a wealth of experience working with car and driver to find the best set-up.

​Mk2 Escort​s

JEMS ​have built many Ford Escorts for use in rallying and circuit racing.

Join​ing forces with Major Motorsport and Smith & Jones Engineering ​JEMS buil​t the best, new breed, wide track evo Mk2 Escort.

Ultimate Mk2 Escort build project

​YB engine​ builds

​JEMS specialize in building YB engines to different specifications ​depending on car and driver. From the nearly stock, but ultra reliable versions ​to 1000+bhp drag racing versions.

JEMS have been developing their 'big YB' for many years and it has now achieved a stunning 1010 bhp on the dyno.

1010bhp YB Engine

​Metro 6R4s

​Having worked at Goodmans building Metro ​6R4 engines in the past Jon Edwards puts those skills to use on customers 6R4s.

Combined with his other skills Jon can work on all aspects of Metro 6R4 set-up, repair and development.​​​

Colin McRae Metro 6R4

About Jon Edwards

Jon’s career started as an apprentice at a Rover V8 conversion specialist learning all about steel fabrication and built himself a space-frame V8 Citreon 2CV!

Building an engine and the importance of good preparation “engine etiquette” was learnt with Goodman building Metro 6R4 engines.
Jon Edwards

Jon Edwards

Car handling and set up skills were learnt on the job racing in the Vecta Ford Championship for 11 years and working for TVR’s racing division building TVR race cars and their engines from scratch. Taking feedback from the drivers and translating it into race winning cars was part of the job and it is a skill Jon uses on JEMS customer’s cars.

Jon’s experience is vast, he has worked for UK Touring Car teams, Australian Touring Cars and has also worked on Drag Racing cars, European GT cars (with the focus on endurance as well as power) and Historic race and rally cars. Jon also worked for Knight Racing Services, the top V8 tuning company.

Jon Edwards work on a race Ford Escort
Ford Escort mk2 Shell being built into a rally car.